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BioSy Int Ltd Medical Hardware and Software Company prepared to enter the mass health products market Biorhythmic Synchronization Treatment, which is result of more than 20 years of scientific research, engineering and program's development. 

The product offered by the company may solve the problems of millions of people who did not find a solution  in both the conventional and the alternative medicine.

List of Treatments


Menopausal Syndrome - Hot flashes, Sweating, Insomnia, Depressive mood, Irritability, Bladder problems, sexual satisfaction, etc.

Rejuvenation program for women - appearance improvement, weight correction, etc.

Libido and Sexual Enhancer

(for both men and women)

Menstrual Disorders - irregular or painful menstruation, etc.

Bladder Disorders - Over Active Bladder and other

IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)

BPH - preventive and treatment of prostate disorders




Diabetes - treatment and preventive


Biorhythmic Synchronization Method

Time - a key factor in the treatment success


BioSy method is based on impact to specific key points (similar points used in acupuncture) on the human body in fixed order and, that is most important, in precisely calculated time intervals. 


The time factor determines the specific effects of treatment, involving hidden reserves in the recovery process.  BioSy  Treatment ensures success even in cases that modern medicine considers hopeless. Method showed thousands of positive outcomes without side effects and perfectly combined with conventional medicine.

Sophisticated personalized treatment from BioSy based on ancient secret knowledge, reinterpreted with modern science and upgraded modern technology, implemented in a “Personal Practitioner”.

Anyone can use the treatment in the comfort of home, having the procedures in the most favorable time, without visiting a highly paid professional. Low  thermal radiation impact is safe and  does not need any practitioner for the procedure. 

Home Treatment Kit

Include unique user ID for online service and pack of disposable devices



Friendly online software accessible from any computer or Smartphone


The computer program helps locate the points and manages all the necessary actions. The special device provides a safe and comfortable therapeutic effect.

No previous experience in Chinese medicine is required in order to benefit from this extremely effective healing and preventive practice.



The way to achieve the limit of youth and longevity naturally


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